SEEDnet - A Church Planting Movement

Why SEEDnet?

Because the "least of these" need Jesus.

Through the Gospel of Jesus, we give hope to Spiritually, Emotionally, Economically, and Developmentally oppressed people in desperate, marginalized, dangerous, poor areas. This type of ministry can be scary and feel risky to some people who want to help, so SEEDnet builds the bridge between you and those who desperately need hope and your help.  By helping us give them a church of their own, you are helping give discipleship opportunities, a place for vital needs to be met, and a hub for personal growth and development over a lifetime. By partnering with us to plant churches, you are having an impact on future generations for Christ.

How We Do It

SEEDnet's Mission is to infiltrate spiritually, emotionally, economically, and developmentally oppressed people-groups, proclaim the gospel, and then give them their own church.

SEEDnet targets people with the following needs:

Spiritually - Where the Gospel needs to be proclaimed
Emotionally - Where people are hurting
Economically - Where poverty is prevalent
Developmentally - Where social structures need help

SEEDnet works to establish God's Kingdom Rule by following in Jesus' footsteps in Luke 4:18-19.

Our process is Prayer Evangelism Walking (PEW), find a Person of Peace (POP), Gather as a group, institute the Four Pillars of Discipleship, and begin the Five Functions of a Church. If you would like to learn more about this process, click on any of these three links.


PEW POP Gather, Four Pillars of Discipleship,  Five Functions.


See SEEDnet in Action


"A Vision Of SEEDnet"

Overview of "SEEDnet"

Nathan & Andy Get Started

Apprentice at St. Antoinne's Church in Detroit

2017 All SEEDnet Gathering: Every Fight Is A Gospel Fight!

 Who is SEEDnet?

We're a team of people who want to help the misfits, messed up and marginalized of society, just like you. We have been called by God to go to sin filled, broken down, crime ridden, poverty stricken communities to give them Jesus and their own church. SEEDnet builds the bridge between you and these communities that need your help. Our staff and Board of Directors can help you make a difference in a way that works for you.



Pastor Nathan Wells

Nathan is the founder and the director of SEEDnet. During his years as the youth pastor at Ashland GBC in Ohio, the Lord led Nathan and some teens to a low-income apartment complex in Ashland to do "church" with the many kids wandering around. Through that, Nathan then gathered adults for a Bible study, which was the beginning of EastGate Bible Church, Nathan's first church plant, nearly 10 years ago. Since then, Nathan has felt passionate about planting and multiplying churches in low-income, (S.E.E.D.) oppressed areas. Nathan is also deliberate about building strong men. He invests his strength into the men around him, as they care for each other with strong affection, protection, accountability, all while spurring each other towards Christ. Nathan and his wife, Jena, have three crazy boys, and live in rural Ashland with their dogs, sheep, chickens, goats, and horse.

Pastor Andy Shank

Andy Shank has been planting churches with SEEDnet in Spiritually, Economically, Emotionally, Developmentally oppressed areas since 2008. Before his days planting churches among the "least of these," Andy lived in the apartment complex in Ashland, Ohio, where Pastor Nathan planted his first church. Andy surrendered his life to Christ on April 15th, 2007, and God immediately called him to ministry. Since then, Andy has been planting churches with SEEDnet, specifically with the "street" people. He targets S.E.E.D. areas that are in the city, and these areas are usually apartment complexes, or "projects." Andy is currently planting, supporting, or coaching, multiple church plants from Ashland, Ohio to Oakland, California. Andy lives with his beautiful wife Kim, and his two children, in Ashland, Ohio.

Pastor Larry White

Any church planter will tell you that for every Paul, there is a need for a Timothy. Larry joined SEEDnet as an apprentice to Andy Shank in 2014. He is the newest staff member of SEEDnet, and is currently serving in church plants in Mansfield and Ashland. Larry has an educational background from Ashland Christian School, and this has served as an excellent springboard into ministry. His first experience in ministry came when he was fifteen and became a member of Child Evangelism Fellowship. He spent two years receiving training on how to share the Gospel with children of all ages. Larry also spent a year as a youth pastor in Bluffton, Ohio. Larry currently lives with his family in rural Ashland County.





Joe Larsosa has been a lifelong resident of Detroit, Michigan, and he currently represents all SEEDnet churches in Detroit. Joe came to Christ in 2005 after living a lifestyle of drug dealing and violence, which lead to him being paralyzed from the waist down after a nightclub shooting. God has recently called Joe into ministry, and has given him a passion to work with the youth in Detroit, and beyond. Joe's apprenticeship with SEEDnet will help train him in starting his own Detroit youth outreach ministry, "L.A.R.S.O.S.A. Connection." Part of Joe's leadership training is displayed as a church leader and mentor at SEEDnet's St. Antoine church plant, and other church plants around the Detroit area.




Hank Tudor is a man of many talents. One such talent is his ability to talk with people of all backgrounds and walks of life. Hank is the manager at Grace Village Church, located at Eastgage Apartments in Mansfield, Ohio. He uses his outgoing personality to befriend anyone who comes into the apartment complex and then ask them, "How can we pray for you?" Hank is a result of Christ-like perseverance. It took two years for Grace Village to see its first confession of Jesus, and Hank was the first to put his faith in Jesus. Hank is an example of discipleship as well, since he taught his neighbor to trust in Jesus as his personal Savior. Hank is currently undergoing training to become an elder at Grace Village. 




 Scott Rex grew up in Ashland, Ohio with his parents Len and Becky Rex and his brothers Seth and Jeremy. His parents taught him the love of Jesus as he grew up. He also attended Ashland Christian School through 8th grade. He was saved at age 7 in his 1st grade class. His first grade teacher told about heaven and spending eternity with Jesus and gave an invitation for all who wanted to repent of their sins and believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. With tremendous child-like faith and joy, he surrendered!  He went to King Road Alliance Church then to Grace Church in Ashland.  He was baptized at age 30, publicly declaring his love for Jesus. Scott enjoys the opportunity at SEEDnet “to go” and be the hands and feet of God to spread the gospel and baptize people in the name of The Lord. He says “it’s exciting and scary at the same time”. He loves meeting new people and sharing Jesus with them and is excited about this apprenticeship.




Board of Directors


Pastor Nathan Wells, Founder/Director of SEEDnetSeen with wife, Jena

Cindy CutlipSeen with husband, Russ

John RoweSeen with wife, Jane


Chad HonakerSeen with wife, Erika

Scott HarrisSeen with wife, Lil

Ron NagySeen with wife, Kris


Rebecca and Drew

Rebecca Everhart
Seen with husband, Drew





The SEEDnet staff recently sat down together and took an in-depth, prayerful look at our church plants and the work God has been doing in them. 
We invite you to celebrate with us!
– SEEDnet is regularly ministering to just over 700 people, in 35 church plants, in 6 different states.
– In the past 18 months we have presented the gospel to thousands of people in SEED areas, mostly in small group and one on one encounters. 
– In the past 18 months we’ve had 100 people profess to put their faith in Christ.
– In the past 18 months about 50 of those who professed salvation are still involved in a church plant, and many of them have been baptized.
– The Word of God is being taught, prayer is engaged, fellowship is enjoyed and mission is empowered at each church.
– Sin is being confronted & confessed. Addictions are being broken. Miracles are occurring.
– Each church plant has at least one “indigenous influencer”. This is a person who lives there, has influence with others who live there, and is being trained on how to disciple others.
– We now have a system for Biblically training SEED men in eldership. 
– All of the church plants are being trained in evangelism and are taking part in our goal of sharing Christ with 10,000 people before the year is over.
– We are intentionally infiltrating different people groups.
So celebrate with us, praising God for the great things He has done!

The SEEDnet Plan


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